What Is An Air Brick?

What Is An Air Brick?

What Is An Air Brick & Why Is It Needed:



Air bricks also known as sub-floor ventilation can be an integral part of your properties structure.  Your property will typically have a floor that is either solid or one that is made of timber. The timber floors benefit from the correct use of an air brick.


So, what is an air brick? It’s basically a brick with holes in it. Timber floors usually have a large space underneath them between the timber and the ground. It is in this space that humidity can thrive. With the warm humid air trapped below the timber it then lands as moisture droplets on the under-side of the timber floor this is then the perfect environment for wet/dry rot to thrive.


Wet rot is the lesser evil of dry and wet rot however the repairs, treatment and replacement of affected timber can be quite expensive. Dry rot, if left to thrive can get into the masonry of your property and be extremely damaging to not only the integrity of your property but also the value. The treatment and repairs for this can run into thousands of pounds.


Nobody wants a huge repair bill therefore the best way forward would be to make sure you have air bricks fitted to allow the humid air below the property to escape and allow free movement of moisture.


The bricks should be fitted on the exterior wall with them being fully on show never partially or fully submerged. The bricks will sit lower than the internal timber floor to ensure the free flow of the humid air.


There are different types of air bricks available and can vary in colour size and design. Many of the period homes in London & Berkshire will have cast air bricks that can be not only functional but also decorative. There is also a telescopic air brick that can be used in circumstances were the internal flooring is lower than the exterior ground level.


Caring for your air bricks is key to their efficiency. Here at Dh Damp Proofing & Plastering have seen properties displaying damp and condensation problems caused by air bricks becoming clogged by soil, vegetation, foliage and general dirt. The holes are the most important parts of these bricks and therefore regularly checking they are clear from any debris is an important part of your home maintenance.


If you have timber floors and cannot find any air bricks on your property we would advise contacting a reputable company to assess your property for suitability and installation. It could save you thousands of pounds in the long run. Remember prevention is always better than the cure.



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