Cellar Tanking Methods

Cellar Tanking Methods

Cellar Tanking Methods:


There are a couple of cellar tanking methods. But before we look at the different methods we will explain why cellar tanking is required.


DH Damp Proofing & Plastering consider this are to be one of our flag ship services. We understand that more property owners than ever are looking to utilise the basement/cellar area for extra living space and that many of the properties across London & Berkshire were not built with a damp proof course in this area.


It will become apparent quite quickly after renovating the basement or cellar that the area is not damp proofed and the signs of damp will start to appear unless you waterproofed the area as part of your renovation programme.


So why does this area become damp? Simply put the moisture from the foundations migrates into the property. There may be no visible signs of a leak or standing water but the moisture ingress inevitably causes damp problems.


It is at this point that you will contact a damp proof specialist to investigate and come up with a plan to damp proof the cellar, it is this process that is referred to as tanking.


There are 2 main methods to tank a cellar/basement. The first one we will discuss is the slurry tanking method. This method uses a tanking slurry which is a liquid water proof coating this is applied to walls and floors. Once dry the slurry prevents moisture ingress into the property and leaves the area permanently water tight thus eliminating the damp problem.


The other method used is a cavity drainage system. This method involves using a sump pump to drain any moisture behind the tanking membranes. Tanking membranes made from high density polyethylene are fixed to walls and floors in sub level rooms. These membranes are dimpled in nature, these dimples create a cavity and allow the walls to breathe. There are numerous plugs, fixings and water proof sealing products that can be applied to ensure that the surface remains impermeable to moisture and water proofs the basement or cellar.


Renovating your basement or cellar can not only provide you with an extra living space but if you were to sell or rent out that part of the property it will add extra value and extra income therefore it is imperative to make sure you complete the renovation involving a tanking method mentioned. As always, we would recommend that this is not carried out as a DIY project and that an experienced professional should inspect the basement/cellar and provide the most suitable tanking procedure for your individual property’s needs.

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