Basement & Cellar Tanking In London & Berkshire

We Are Experts At Basement & Cellar Tanking In London & Berkshire:

At The Damp Guys we pride ourselves on being the ultimate tanking specialists in London and Berkshire. We have many years experience tanking properties across London and Berkshire and we have a great understanding of the needs of properties within this region.

Any rooms below ground level are susceptible to damp because patios, pavements and gardens are above the room level, allowing damp to seep in. Basements and cellars can make cosy, comfortable living spaces and should be utilized to their full potential, however some people find themselves with a damp problem in these areas.

The basements and cellars in old buildings sometimes have failed or non-existent damp proofing, leading them to become damp and the surrounding materials damaged.

Tanking refers to the practice of damp/waterproofing any subterranean rooms such as cellars and basements. Tanking can be implemented as a whole new system, as a repair for a failed damp course or after a significant flood.

At The Damp Guys we use one of two techniques when tanking properties across London and Berkshire, either a cavity drainage system or a cementitious system.

Below you will find a full explanation of what each technique involves.

    Cavity Drainage System:

    The cavity drainage system is used when a cementitios system is not a suitable treatment. It involves the installation of a cavity drain membrane that is known as CDM. The cavity drainage system we use at The Damp Guys is Safeguard’s Oldroyd membrane, and is perfect to use when tanking basements and cellars in London and Berkshire.

    A CDM membrane is either a studded or grooved membrane that, rather than stopping water penetrating a wall it controls the way water seeps through and re-routes it.

    The water is either guided through to an allocated drainage point or is pumped out via a sump pump. An alarm should be fitted to a sump pump so that you are alerted quickly should the system ever fail, you can then take measures to stop a flood from occurring.

    A CDM has a number of advantages compared to the cementitious system, firstly it is simple to install and maintain along with being easier to repair – if that was ever needed. Also the CDM prevents pressure from building up and putting stress on the internal walls. Essentially the CDM creates a completely dry interior room because the membrane system is sealed completely ensuring it is watertight.

    Once the CDM is in place you are free to treat it just like any other wall in your property, it can be plastered, painted or papered to your liking.

    Cementitious System:

    The cementitious system we use at The Damp Guys is Safeguard’s waterproofing slurries Vandex system.

    The Vandex system is a versatile and durable multi coating cement-based powder mixed with water. It is either applied using a trowel or sprayed onto floors, walls and ceilings.

    A sand-cement render is applied first to the walls, followed by two coats of Vandex BB75 on both the walls and floor.

    Once dry the mixture sets it forms a bond with the masonry substrate, creating an impenetrable, waterproof barrier.

    A screed is then applied to the floors along with a suitable plaster applied to the walls. You can then decorate safe in the knowledge you are protected from damp occurring.

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