Condensation In London & Berkshire:

Condensation is a common problem across the UK, many of us find our windows wet during the winter months and although sometimes condensation may not be a serious damp problem, we at The Damp Guys have seen cases of persistent and troublesome condensation leading to more serious issues across London and Berkshire.

Our specialists have seen many cases of condensation that are far more serious than wet windows and some situations require prompt attention, such as condensation being the result of rising or penetrative damp.

Below is a brief description of things to look out for and situations where you may need to contact a professional for help.

How To Spot Problematic Condensation:

  • Any condensation that causes black mould spores is worrying and you should contact a specialist. Black mould is dangerous when it gets into the air and is breathed in it can cause problems within the lungs and exacerbate any existing lung conditions.

Causes Of Condensation In London & Berkshire:

Condensation is a common problem across London and Berkshire, our experienced specialists will be able to investigate the cause of your condensation and provide a detailed report explaining why condensation is present in your property.

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Recognising Condensation In London & Berkshire:

Would you be able to spot the tell tale signs of condensation within your property? There are several indicators to be aware of, should you spot any of them you may well have a condensation problem.

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Treating Condensation In London & Berkshire:

The Damp Guys are specialists in treating condensation in properties across London and Berkshire. Once we have conducted a professional survey and confirmed the diagnosis as condensation we will put into place a plan of action to treat it.

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  • Wooden window frames that begin to rot are a cause for concern and should be checked by a professional.
  • If condensation is being cause by an existing damp problem such as rising or penetrative damp then swift action should be taken to stop the problem getting worse and to reverse any damage already caused.

Managing Condensation At Home:

  • Use a dehumidifier; although these can be pricey they are effective.
  • You can lay absorbent sponge strips at the base of the window to catch the moisture and protect the frame.
  • You should wipe your windows down every morning especially if you have timber frames. Don’t dry the cloth used on a radiator as this will perpetuate the condensation problem.

Never assume that you just have to put up with condensation, it may be caused by a serious damp problem. Contact The Damp Guys call now  Call now to arrange your survey.

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