Recognising Condensation

Recognising Condensation In London & Berkshire:

Recognising condensation in London & Berkshire can be the key to keeping your property safe.In the spring and summer months many of us have warmer homes and open windows allowing air to circulate freely, it is in the colder months properties begin to show signs of a condensation problem. 

There are several indicators you have a condensation problem, we have listed these below.

Water Stains And Streaks – Windows that have water beads on them are easy to spot, however walls that are absorbent such as papered walls or those painted with an eggshell paint will also display signs of condensation. Look out for water streaks with no clear edge, damp patches and wet blotches.

Musty Smell – You may have noticed your property smells like a jumble sale, many people then attempt to mask this smell with air fresheners whilst not being aware that this is a symptom of a more serious issue. Ask family and friends if they notice a musty smell because once you have lived with the smell for a while you will stop being aware of it.

Black Mould – Black mould is an unsightly consequence of condensation. Not only does it look bad it is also a major health worry, breathing in the spores of black mould that are circulating in the air can cause a condition known as asergillosis. Aspergillosis causes asthma, wheezing and even coughing up blood!

Black mould is especially dangerous for those with existing lung conditions or weakened immune systems.

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