What Is Damp Proofing?

What Exactly Is A Damp Course & Why Is It Needed?

A damp course is any material or treatment added to your floors or walls to protect your property from allowing damp inside, and allowing you to live comfortably and safely in your home.

It is imperative that every house has an active damp course that is protecting the property from becoming damp.

Damp is not only harmful to your property, it is also dangerous for your health not to mention the appearance of unsightly mould growing within a property.

Damp Proofing Protects You & Your Home.

A home that is damp creates the perfect breeding ground for fungi and unsightly mould, mould spores are carried around the house and are harmful for us to breathe in, this is particularly dangerous for those with existing lung conditions. Some people struggle through skin, lung and immune system illnesses without realising that the cause is actually the damp in their homes. Not only can damp damage your body but also the fabric of your home ultimately decreasing the value of the property.

    Do All Properties Have A Damp Course?

    Almost every property will have a damp course already in place. The purpose of the damp course is to use materials that expel water to protect the property from standing water and ground water from making it’s way into the property. Typically a damp course is put in place at the time of building a property and is applied to walls and/or floors, however in South London where there are many Victorian and Edwardian era buildings the damp course is made from slate instead of the more common sheets of polymer used today.

    Can A Damp Course Become Less Effective Over Time?

    When your damp course was fitted, it was more than likely very effective for a number of years. In West London the more extreme weather of recent years could well of degraded it subsequently reducing it’s performance. Older buildings are also more vulnerable to a damp course failing and allowing damp to seep into the property. Here at The Damp Guys we see cases like this very often, especially in basements that have been converted into living spaces. We have many years experience in dealing with problematic damp and have a team of fully trained specialists on hand to help.

    How Will The Damp Guys Fix Your Damp Problem?

    The first thing we will do is determine which type of treatment will be the most beneficial to your specific problem, taking into account the structure and age of the property involved.

    We will increase the effectiveness of your damp course by using one of the techniques listed below, all our work is covered by a 10 year guarantee and is completed by one of our fully qualified specialists, it is important to use a reputable and experienced company to carry out such treatments to ensure you’re getting the job done right first time round.

    Techniques We Use:

    • Flooring Membranes – These are flexible Polymer sheets that cover the damp area on floors and are laid before an underlay is put down.
    • DryBase Liquid Damp Proof Membrane– This membrane is created using a blend of liquid Polymers. This, once dry is resistant to liquid, gasses and vapours.
    • Chemical Damp Course Injections – This is a water substance pumped into walls, blocks pores and is also water repellent.
    • Liquid Damp Proof Membrane – This is put down as a liquid directly over the floor, once dry it creates a barrier, locks damp below and is an effective damp proofing solution.

    If you suspect any form of damp problem within your property call our experts now at The Damp Guys and we will conduct a professional survey followed by a detailed report stating the work required to fix it.  Call now

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