DH Damp Proofing & Plastering – Safeguard

DH Damp Proofing & Plastering – Safeguard

DH Damp Proofing & Plastering – Safeguard


We are often asked what we use for tanking basements in London & Berkshire, here we will look at the Safeguard products that we use for this.


When tanking basements or cellars we use Safeguards Oldroyd XV  20 which is a large studded cavity drainage membrane. The reason that we use this is because it has large 20 mm stud and is excellent in providing a much better flow capacity and much better drainage than other membrane systems on the market. Along with the benefits of better drainage and flow the Oldrotd XV 20 is also made with 49% or recycled materials making it more environmentally friendly than its counterparts.


Many of the properties in London and Berkshire that require basement or cellar tanking are of the Victorian era and we believe that these properties especially benefit from having the Oldroyd XV 20 membrane. The reasoning behind this is that this membrane does not rely on the underlying substrate for it to work effectively. This membrane is fitted directly to ceilings or walls by using specialist sealed fixing plugs however when used on the floor there is generally no actual need to use any fixings.


We use the Oldroyd XV 20 as an effective method to drain moisture away from the walls/floors and ceilings however there is also a need for Safeguard Aquadrain sump pump to be installed which allows for extra drainage.


In properties that are not suitable for the membrane system we use Safeguard Vandex System, although sometime the best result can be obtained through using a combination of the Odroyd XV 20 membrane system alongside the Vandex system.


The Vandex system is used to waterproof basements and cellars. We use this Safeguard product because it is both versatile and durable and we consistently see amazing results when using this. This system includes the use of Vandex BB75 which is a cement based powder that is mixed with water before being applied to floors, walls or ceilings. Once applied to the desired surface the mixed solution bonds with the masonry creates an impermeable barrier.


Typically, there are two coats of the Vandex Unimortar coating applied creating a bottle cove at the junction of the wall and floor, this is followed by Vandex BB75 and a screed that will be applied before finishing off with a suitable plaster applied on top.


We find the products mentioned in this article are the most efficient on the market and it is this reason that we continue to waterproof basements and cellars using these systems created by Safeguard. Our customers are continuously impressed with the results these products give.

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