The Importance Of Timber Preservation

The Importance Of Timber Preservation

The Importance Of Timber Preservation:


Timber preservation is an important part of the general maintenance of your property. You may not realise how much timber you have within your property until you discover a problem with it.


Outside gates, barge/soffit boards, garage doors, timber casement windows and front or back doors can all be made from timber. On the interior you may have floorboards, skirtings’, doors, staircases & spindles, suspended timber floors, floor joists and the internal loft space may well be made of timber.


As you can see there is a lot of areas of your property that require timber preservation. Once a problem occurs it can take a toll on your bank balance fixing the problem and replacing timber areas.


Here at DH Damp Proofing & Plastering we have found that newer properties in London & Berkshire are usually built with timber preservation measures, however older properties were not and if you purchase an older property then you may well have bought it with a timber issue already in place.


Before we get to information about treating a problem let’s look at the steps you can take to prevent an issue starting.


Externally you should be treating your timbers with a wood treatment that creates a damp proof barrier protecting it from moisture.


Internally you should be ensuring that your property is well ventilated will reduce condensation landing on timber areas and creating a perfect breeding ground for damp to thrive. Check your property for leaks or other damp areas close to timber areas. Timber preservation measures should be put into place to prevent moisture getting into the timber and causing an infestation.


Timber damage manifests in one of three ways, timber infestation of wood-boring insects such as woodworm, dry rot and wet rot.


If you notice holes in the wood and/or beetles you have a problem and the area will need to be treated and infected timber removing and repairing by an experienced professional.


Dry rot is the deterioration of wood becoming consumed by the damp and is characterised by a musty smell and accompanied by strands and fungi growing on the wood, you may also notice a powdery substance on there. This would need to be checked by a damp proof specialist and the affected wood removing and the area being treated and repaired with a timber coated in a timber preservation coating. You will also need to address the underlying cause of the damp that lead to the dry rot occurring.


Wet rot can be hidden by a paint covering but on further inspection such as poking it with a knife you will not feel resistance and instead you will feel a sponge like texture along with the wood looking darker than the surrounding timber and the wood will feel wet to the touch. As with dry rot it is important to identify the underlying cause and have a treatment carried out by an experienced damp proofing contractor. The timber will need to be removed and replaced with a timber coated with a timber preservation product.


Here at DH Damp Proofing & Plastering we always push that prevention is better than the cure and this is especially true for timber preservation.

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