Penetrative Damp

Penetrative Damp In London & Berkshire:

What is penetrative damp?

This type of damp is caused when rainwater or outside moisture penetrates into the masonry. At  The Damp Guys we have seen this type of damp affect buildings of any age across London and Berkshire.

If the rainwater penetrates right through the wall then a damp patch will appear on the interior of the property, which in turn causes wallpaper and paintwork to peel and become discoloured.

Rainwater doesn’t have to completely penetrate the wall to cause problems increased heat loss, moss growth and frost damage are all directly caused by rainwater partially penetrating masonry.

Walls that have poor cavity wall insulation or poorly installed wall ties are just as vulnerable to penetrative damp as single skin walls, as this creates a pathway for rainwater to penetrate and travel through.

This type of damp is sometimes the result of badly built or poorly maintained properties. Leaking gutters and blocked downpipes cause a large amount of water to flow directly over a small part of the masonry leading to problems. Fixing the guttering or downpipe should rectify the damp in these cases.

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Causes Of Penetrative Damp In London & Berkshire:

This type of damp is typically caused by moisture from outside the property penetrating into the property in one of a number of ways. Many people are unaware  of the reasons penetrative damp occurs.

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Treating Penetrative Damp In London & Berkshire:

Every case of damp needs to be treated on a case by case basis. Our specialists will find the root cause of the problem and devise a treatment plan based on the findings of our surveyor.

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