Causes Of Penetrative Damp

What Causes Penetrative Damp In London & Berkshire:

Penetrative damp is the result of moisture entering the property from the outside; usually this is caused by insufficient damp proofing, broken exterior details or cracks on the exterior of the property. As with other types of damp, penetrative damp can cause the interior of the property to display signs of damp which is perpetuated by the humid climate in which we live.

Damp causes fungi and mould to grow which is not only unsightly, but also causes many dangers to our health even more so to those who have an existing chronic condition or existing chest problems. Therefore we recommend taking any signs of damp in your property extremely seriously and that expert advice is sought at the earliest opportunity.

Penetrative damp can be caused by the masonry not being sufficiently weather-tight for the weather conditions of that location or not being weather-tight in general. There are techniques that can be used to fix this such as external rendering, cladding and weather proof paints, although effective these will change the appearance of the exterior of the property.

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