Rising Damp

Rising Damp In London & Berkshire:

Rising damp is a very real and serious problem, despite some people believing it is a myth. Our specialists at The Damp Guys have seen this problem many times across London and Berkshire and if left untreated it has the capability to damage masonry, timber, plaster and the brickwork leading to weakening of the properties structure.

This type of damp is characterized by marks created as moisture rises from the bottom of the wall rising upwards. The moisture is typically groundwater that contains high levels of soluble salts. Once the moisture has evaporated from the surface the salts are left behind festering in brickwork, plasterwork and wooden materials, the salts then exacerbate the damp problem by absorbing more moisture.

This is A Serious Problem.

You should never under estimate the damage that this type of damp can cause. Any area that has been exposed to lingering damp creates the perfect breading ground for fungi. The spores from fungi circulate in the air and breathing this in can be extremely dangerous especially for those with existing lung conditions.

Correct diagnosis of rising damp is essential along with a bespoke plan of action on how to treat it. The Damp Guys are experts in treating damp of all kinds and our specialists can not only carry out inspections across London and Berkshire, but also treat the damp and complete the job properly by using our specialist plastering technique.

Even after the cause of the damp has been eliminated the salts can remain, therefore it is imperative to use a professional and trusted company who can also provide the specialist plastering needed to keep the problem under control. All treatments completed by The Damp Guys are backed by a 100% guarantee.

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Causes Of Rising Damp In London & Berkshire: 

Have you ever thought about the causes of rising damp in London and Berkshire? Many of the properties in London are from the period eras, this coupled with the weather can give rise to an increased risk of rising damp.

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Recognising Rising Damp In London & Berkshire:

There are several signs that indicate a rising damp problem within your property, but would you be able to recognise them or even know what to look for?

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Treating Rising Damp In London & Berkshire:

The Damp Guys have seen hundreds of cases of rising damp across London and Berkshire therefore you can be certain we will give you the true diagnosis of the damp within your property and also the right treatment for your individual property.

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