Treating Rising Damp.

Treating Rising Damp In London & Berkshire:

The Damp Guys have seen hundreds of cases of rising damp across London and Berkshire therefore you can be certain we will give you the true diagnosis of the damp within your property and also the right treatment for your individual property.

The first step is for you to obtain a damp survey and timber inspection from The Damp Guys, it is absolutely imperative to be 100% certain that the problem is indeed rising damp. Treatments for different types of damp vary a great deal, you should only trust an experts opinion and never attempt to diagnose or treat damp yourself even if you are a seasoned professional at DIY. Misdiagnosis leads to incorrect treatments and can have serious implications.

Once we have conducted an inspection and diagnose the problem as rising damp we will treat the rising damp in one of a number ways that are listed below.

Liquid Damp Proof Membrane Or Flooring Membrane:

If your floor is affected by rising damp The Damp Guys will either put down a liquid floor coating or lay a flexible polymer flooring membrane over the affected area. The membrane that we use is Safeguard’s Oldroyd Xs, we have found this to be a great solution for rising damp originating from the floor, this is even suitable to use if you have an under floor heating system.

    Alternatively we would apply Safeguards ECS Epoxy floor coating, applied either by roller or brush. Once dry, this floor coating is flexible, water and bacteria resistant and is excellent at keeping the damp locked firmly underneath.

    Chemical Damp Course Injections:

    Damp course injections are by far the most common technique used to treat rising damp. Pore blocking chemicals are pumped into the section of the wall where the original damp course has failed.

    This treatment can provide unrivalled results, however only a skilled and experienced specialist who understands the formula to use for your individual property should undertake this.

    The system used by the experienced specialists at The Damp Guys is the Dryzone Damp proofing Cream system. This product is virtually odour free, easier to install than it’s competitors and consistently out performs other similar products available. We also find that due to the way that the Dryzone system is installed, it causes less disruption to your household than other products on the market.

    Specialist Plastering:

    Moisture attracting salts remain in the brickwork and masonry after rising damp has been treated, therefore it is vital to finish the treatment process with specialist plastering to separate the salt from the walls you will later want to redecorate.

    The Damp Guys will firstly apply a salt retardant render, we will then apply a refurbishment plaster which is water-resistant.

    We can’t stress enough how complex rising damp is to diagnose and treat. If you suspect rising damp is a problem within your property don’t hesitate to contact us, our extensive experience and knowledge of treating rising damp in period and older buildings across London is second to none. Never attempt to diagnose or treat rising damp yourself.

    Our specialists at The Damp Guys will conduct a survey and give you expert guidance on any damp problem you are experiencing.  Call now

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