Causes Of Rising Damp

Causes of Rising Damp In London & Berkshire:

As many of the properties in London and Berkshire are older buildings rising damp is a relatively common problem for a few different reasons.

Edwardian and Victorian properties were more than likely fitted with a damp course at the time of construction, however many years have passed since then and the damp course may of deteriorated rendering it useless against moisture entering the base of walls. Properties built prior to the Edwardian & Victorian eras were most likely constructed without a damp course being fitted at all.

Many older properties have been extended or modernised, these extensions may not of been fitted with an adequate damp course or bypass the original damp course allowing moisture to seep in and the original property then becomes damp by proxy. Similarly the terrain surrounding your property may of changed quite a bit since your property was built, meaning if the ground level has been raised it may well now be above the level were the original damp course was, water can then make its way into the structures of the property.

    The Weather Can Contribute To The Problem:

    The extreme winter weather that particularly affects west London such as heavy rainfall and flooding coupled with poor drainage systems can overwhelm a damp course that would otherwise be sufficient as the ground water levels are higher, once this happens rising damp can make its way into your property.

    Rising damp should be taken extremely seriously not only can it be difficult to detect but it provides the perfect breeding ground for fungus and moulds, both of which can be dangerous and damaging to your health. Rising damp can damage and weaken the structure of the property along with creating the perfect environment for a timber infestation, which is another serious damp problem.

    Rising damp can be hard to detect and should be diagnosed only by an experienced professional.

    Here at The Damp Guys we are experts in diagnosing and treating rising damp. We have extensive knowledge and experience in treating properties across London and Berkshire including heritage properties. We will never recommend a treatment that would have a negative impact on the conservation of your home, we will however endeavour to protect as many original fixtures and fittings as possible. 

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