There is an undeniable need for specialist damp proofing plaster to be used across London and Berkshire.

There are different reasons why this type of plaster should be installed, we have visited some of these below.

Rising Damp:

Even after the underlying problem of rising damp has been fixed there are moisture attracting salt deposits left behind. It is typical to find high concentrations of these salts left in masonry, brickwork and what appears to be unaffected plaster. The salt will have been desposited there during the time you had rising damp. Usually the salts are potassium carbonate, calcium chloride or sodium chloride.

Even though the structural damp will have dried out the salts are left behind and these continue to attract moisture and draw it into the wall.

The problem is that rising damp draws ground water up into the wall and the salt is present in this water. You cannot rid the wall of the salt therefore action is needed to prevent them from attracting moisture and leading to a further damp problem.

You need to prevent the moisture absorbing salt from reaching the new outer surface of the wall and you also need to stop any moisture from damaging the new plaster that has been applied.

    Salt Affected Plaster Is Hard To Spot:

    The only way to know if any plaster that looks undamaged still holds moisture attracting salts is to allow the wall to completely dry out, which will take several months. At The Damp Guys we haven’t come across many people in London and Berkshire that would be prepared to live with such disruption for an extended period of time, therefore we would strongly advise removing the seemingly unaffected plaster when removing the obviously damaged plaster.

    Although you may not want to disturb plaster that doesn’t show obvious signs of damage we would recommend doing so, or you might face future episodes of damp caused by the remaining salt. Removing all the plaster from the damp affected rooms is highly recommended and is the first step in installing specialist damp proofing plaster.

    Waterproof Plaster System:

    After the curative work has been completed to treat your rising damp issue it is imperative to have the correct plaster applied before you go on to decorate.

    At The Damp Guys we replace your damaged plaster by using a plaster that that is blended with salt retarding renders. This plaster compliments your new damp course perfectly, this plaster is water proof and will therefore help to protect your décor should you ever experience a re-occurrence of rising damp.

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