Timber Infestations In London & Berkshire

Timber Infestations In London & Berkshire:

The Damp Guys see infestations in London and Berkshire all the time.

Timber infestations are another complication of having damp within a property, and are the most common reason for infestations across London and Berkshire.

Whether you have dry rot, wet rot or a woodworm infestation The Damp Guys will have seen it all before and we will be the specialists that you need to treat the problem.

All infestations thrive in damp environments and certainly more so than in a dry environment, even dry rot!

Woodworm Thrives In Damp:

Woodworm is the name given to a number of different species of beetles. It is the larvae that burrow into the wood on your skirting boards, furniture, joists and floor-boards. The adults lay eggs near the surface and once hatched the larvae eat the wood until they emerge as a fully-grown adult, then the cycle begins again.

Woodworm will continue to breed until the infestation is properly treated.

It is absolutely vital that you only call in a professional to treat an infestation problem, such as The Damp Guys. You will need to have a damp survey along with a timber survey. 

How To Spot A Timber Infestation In London & Berkshire:

Our experts will be able to diagnose the type of infestation you have. There a 3 main types of timber infestations, all of which have different indicators that you should be aware of. 

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Treating Timber Infestations In London & Berkshire:

The Damp Guys are specialists in treating timber infestations across London and Berkshire. Once we have conducted a damp and timber survey and diagnosed the problem we will treat the infestation in the way your infestation requires.

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    It is imperative to treat any underlying damp problem as well as the infestation; if you do not treat the underlying damp problem effectively then the woodworm is likely to return.

    Wet Rot Thrives In Damp:

    Wet rot is caused by timber that is overly damp and causes by a wood-digesting fungus that eats away at the timber. This type of rot is easier to treat than dry rot because it is confined to moist areas of timber.

    Dry Rot Thrives In Damp:

    Shipbuilders coined the term ‘Dry Rot’ in the 18th century, as they encountered the problem in dry timber and believed the problem to begin inside the wood.

    These days we are much better informed and the correct name for dry rot is actually brown rot. The rot is caused by overly damp conditions that provide the perfect breeding ground for numerous wood digesting fungi. This fungi digest dead wood and colonise themselves within any wooden structure such as your skirting boards, furniture, floor-boards and any other wooden structure within your property.

    Dry rot should be taken very seriously, not only is it caused by overly damp conditions that would also need fixing, it can weaken the structure of your property. If you suspect dry rot within your property you should take swift action, it is extremely difficult to treat and should only be tackled by a seasoned professional.

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