Treat Yourself To A Damp Free Christmas

Treat Yourself To A Damp Free Christmas

Treat Yourself To A Damp Free Christmas


Treat yourself to a damp free Christmas this year!! How you may ask? Taking measures to protect your property from damp will ensure a cosy and damp free festive period.


Damp is probably the last thing on your mind in the run up to Christmas however simple steps can make sure that you don’t fall victim to an unexpected damp issue.


As you put up your Christmas tree and hang the lights on it check the walls and skirting boards for any signs of moisture or fungal growth these can quite often be signs of an underlying problem.


As you put up the lights on your windows check the windows for condensation or any signs of leaks or mould growth. If you spot any issues with your windows take steps to check the exterior and see if any moisture is coming in from there and fix any cracks or broken seals. Ensure that you have trickle vents installed where necessary and if these are not installed open your windows for adequate ventilation.


When putting out your exterior decorations take the opportunity to check that air bricks are not blocked to prevent damp problems on the interior. Also take this opportunity to check that there are no trees, bushes or climbing plants on or near your property and if there are then cut these back to a safer distance. You can check that your gutters are clear of any foliage or anything else that is blocking them which will allow moisture to flow freely instead of making its way into your property. This is a good time to make sure downspouts and rainwater pipes are functioning correctly as any breakages can allow moisture to be directed onto the property leading to a risk of penetrative damp.


If you are putting decorations on the roof check for missing, broken and loose tiles that could allow moisture to ingress causing you a damp Christmas instead of a happy one.


Whilst cooking all your special festive meals make sure you use an extractor fan to direct all that warm air away from the interior of your property otherwise you are running the risk of a condensation problem.


Cosying up to loved ones with the heating on is fun however do not attempt to dry clothes by placing them on radiators as this can cause condensation.


DH Damp Proofing & Plastering & Plastering hope all our customers in London and Berkshire have a safe and happy festive season and remember to treat yourself to a damp free Christmas.

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