Winter & Condensation

Winter & Condensation

Winter & Condensation


You might not have thought about this but winter & condensation have a connection that could be damaging your property.


DH Damp Proofing & Plastering have attended many properties across London & Berkshire during the winter months were the home owners have believed they have a damp problem when in actual fact the problem is condensation.


So, you may ask how are winter & condensation connected? Well as today is the coldest day of the winter so far, we thought we would let you know so you don’t fall victim to condensation.


Think about the things you will do when you get home this evening on such a cold day. You will put the heating on, maybe get a hot bath or shower, cook food and maybe dry some clothes on radiators for tomorrow. All of these things create condensation and can be damaging to your property.


If you do all the classic things mentioned above and do not ensure that you have adequate ventilation you are more than likely going to experience the consequences of condensation within your property.


We all like to get warm and cosy in cold winter months and do not fancy the idea of opening the windows to let the cold air in however if you do not have precautions in place the air will not be allowed to move out of the property and instead the condensation that is caused will inevitably land on surfaces throughout the property from walls to ceilings and windows.


Droplets of moist air continually landing on surfaces then leads to problems much the same as any other damp problems. Paint and wall coverings are likely to start to peel and come away, this not only looks unsightly but it is also the perfect condition for black mould to thrive. Black mould is dangerous to your health especially those with a pre-existing condition such as asthma and emphysema.


Timber within the property can fall victim to wet rot and sometimes the more serious dry rot. Damage to timber can be extensive and expensive to treat and repair, damp timber is also the perfect breeding ground for timber infestations again leading to costly treatments and repairs.


This is all sounding pretty scary now right? It can all be prevented by preparing yourself for the winter months.


Install trickle vents in windows which allow for free movement of the air and install extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms, these will remove the moist air and move it away from the property.


Dehumidifiers can also help the fight against the dreaded condensation along with positive input ventilation systems.


In any case you should seek the advice of a professional to have preventative measures installed before any damage has been caused to your property. We hope that you now understand the connection between winter & condensation.

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